Athy Marina - 9 December 2007

Match report With many venues flooded after weeks of rain the club turned to a new venue - Athy Marina - for the last match of 2007. The Barrow was fairly whistling through but just yards away the marina was perfect for some winter flood fishing. Despite windy and wet conditions, Richie Keegan scooped the honours with 11.540 kg of pole -caught roach. Backing weights were good and for Mark Davis there was relief that the concrete boots weren't needed after all.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points
1 Anto Hendriks 5.900  
2 Henry Norton 6.250  
3 Eoin Schweppe 4.330  
4 Richie Keegan 11.540  
5 Mark Davis 4.230  
6 Damien Maddocks 8.040  
7 Dave Hill 3.450  
8 Colm O'Gaora 1.190