Lough Barnagrow- 5 October 2008

Match report  10 anglers lined up on the bank for the second Winter League match of 2008 in bright and mild conditions. Three nights of frost has sent the hybrids and skimmers into the deeper water and most weights were made up of roach. Alan Aphidean took 5.180kg of roach and small hybrids on 13m of pole into 4 metres of water to take first place, while fellow countryman Alex Radu finished second with 2.760 kg. Meanwhile, Phil discovered that typing 'Barnagrow' into your GPS SatNav won't bring you straight to the lake car park...

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points*
3 Phil Fitzsimons 2.440 4
4 Shaun Campbell 2.160 6
5 Alan Aphidean 5.180 1
6 Martin Kantor 2.420 5
7 Alex Radu 2.760 2
8 John Fox 2.580  
9 Colm O'Gaora 1.240 7
10 Andy Bickley 0.520 9
11 Peter Fox 2.500 3
12 Costi Lucescu 0.700 8


* Points apply to Winter League only. Anglers who join Winter League before the all-in on Match 3 of the League will have their points retrospectively applied if they fished Match 1 and/or Match 2. Winter League table will be posted online after Match 3 when number of entrants is finalised. Best 6 of 8 matches to count.