Church Lake, Lough Gowna- 2 November 2008

Match report  13 members braved the still, sunny conditions on the first Sunday in November with the Winter League approaching its half-way mark. A few nights of frost had cleared any colour from the water and sent the fish out into the depths. As a result half of the field blanked and the others struggled for bites on the finest of hooklengths and hooks. Colm O'Gaora fished the feeder at 45 yards and took 7 roach and a small skimmer for 800g and first place, with Alan Aphidean securing second place with 0.500g ahead of Richie Keegan's 0.380g of slider-caught fish.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points*
1 Colm O'Gaora 0.800 1
2 -    
3 Martin Kantor 0.220 3
4 Andy Bickley DNW 4
5 Richie Keegan 0.380  
6 Costi Lucescu DNW 4
7 John Fox 0.240  
8 Alan Aphidean 0.500 2
9 Dave Hill 0.200  
10 Paul Holdroyd DNW  
11 Eoin Schweppe 0.040  
12 Peter Fox DNW 4
13 Henry Norton DNW  
14 Mark Davis DNW 4


* Points apply to Winter League only. Anglers who join Winter League before the all-in on Match 3 of the League will have their points retrospectively applied if they fished Match 1 and/or Match 2. Winter League table will be posted online after Match 3 when number of entrants is finalised. Best 6 of 8 matches to count.