Leonard's Farm, Lough Gowna- 21 September 2008

Match report  The first match of the winter league was a disappointment. With Lough Gowna fishing very well during the festivals every match stretch had visiting anglers and we eventually settled on Leonard's Shore, having visited Derries, Dernaferst and Church in the process. Bright calm conditions didn't help but Peter Fox eventually found small roach and a chunky hybrid on the feeder at 40 yards to finish well clear of the field and record his first club match win.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points*
1 Liam Brock DNW  
2 Martin Kantor 0.620 2
3 Costi Lucescu 0.280 6
4 Peter Fox 2.400 1
5 Shaun Campbell 0.380 5
6 Andy Bickley DNW 9
7 Alex Radu 0.540 4
8 Colm O'Gaora 0.040 8
9 Mark Davis DNW 9
10 Phil Fitzsimons 0.240 7
11 Alan Aphidean 0.620 2
12 Karl McEnteggart DNW 9


* Points apply to Winter League only. Anglers who join Winter League before the all-in on Match 3 of the League will have their points retrospectively applied if they fished Match 1 and/or Match 2. Winter League table will be posted online after Match 3 when number of entrants is finalised. Best 6 of 8 matches to count.