Lough Muckno, Concra Wood - 21 June 2009

Match report  With almost every angler in the country looking to fish Concra Wood in advance of this year's All-Ireland, Portobello were not to be left out. 10 anglers made to the journey through the new golf course towards the match stretch and the Concra Wood delivered typical match weights - solid but not spectacular. Most bags were made up of roach to 10 oz and and hybrids to 2lb. Having fed very heavily on the pole line at the off, Eoin Schweppe alternated between feeder at 25 yards and 14.5 metre pole for 7.680 kg of hybrids and some roach while Martin Kantor concentrated on the waggler to take 5.640 kg and second place. Peter Fox witnessed a bull swimming across the lake to the nearby bank but his efforts to hook its nose ring and bring it to the net were unsuccessful and he had to settle for 4th place in the end.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points
1 Alex Radu 5.600  
2 Ferri 2.000  
3 Sean Campbell 2.060  
4 Alan Aphidean 2.260  
5 Phil Fitzsimons 1.860  
6 John Fox 0.480  
7 Eoin Schweppe 7.680  
8 Martin Kantor 5.640  
9 Jim Walters 1.000  
10 Peter Fox 3.620