Lough Barnagrow - 1 November 2009

Match report  This match had been scheduled for The Point on Lough Sillan but torrential rain meant that Lough Sillan was completely inaccessible. A quick change of venue saw the club make its way to the new section on nearby Lough Barnagrow. Very heavy rain was soon joined by gale force winds making conditions almost intolerable for the 7 anglers who braved the conditions. There was plenty of fish present but connecting with very shy bites in strong wind and incessant rain was a challenge for everyone - neverthless it turned into a solidly competitive match. Feeder was the only method possible in the conditions and Henry Norton made it pay with 3 kg of roach, perch and hybrids at 30 yards.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points*
1 Henry Norton 3.000 1
2 Sean Campbell DNW -
3 Ferri 0.300 6
4 Alex Radu 0.940 3
5 Paul Holdroyd 0.820 4
6 Colm O'Gaora 0.950 2
7 Phil Fitzsimons 0.570 5


* Points apply to Winter League only.