White Island, Lough Muckno - 16 August 2009

Match report  The club returned to scene of the 2009 Celtic Cup with the club's two members of the Irish team hoping to show everyone how it's done. It was, however, a veteran of the national side who took the honours on the day. Dave Hill drew Peg 2 and also drew the Golden Peg which meant that a win would have seen him going home with an extra €287 in his pocket. The pressure took its toll and Dave fished well for third place, but it wasn't enough to secure the pot of gold.  Conditions were tricky with a stiff left to right breeze and thick drizzle for the most part. Most fish came on the pole at 13/14 metres with roach the predominant species and Damien Maddock secured 14.650 kg to take first place from Peg 1. At the other end of the stretch Phil Fitzsimons fished feeder at 30 yards for 8.190 kg of mostly skimmer bream and perch. Only bad note on the day was the amount of fires and litter we came across on White Island - about 50 people had been camping on the venue overnight and the fishery was much the worse for wear.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points
1 Damien Maddock 14.650  
2 Dave Hill 11.430  
3 Gavin Walsh 0.080  
4 Richie Keegan 13.340  
5 John Fox 2.490  
6 David Savage 2.470  
7 Colm O'Gaora 3.750  
8 Peter Fox 3.500  
9 Sean Campbell 1.740  
10 Karl McEnteggart 0.400  
11 Phil Fitzsimons 8.190