Corrstown Lake, Drumconrath - 15 March 2009

Match report  Corrstown had featured in the recent Irish international team trials so the club decided to see how we'd tackle the same testing ground as the Irish semi-pro's. In near-perfect conditions the club held one of its best and most closely contested matches for a number of years. From the start it was obvious that there were plenty of small fish willing to feed and most anglers fished 10-12 mtrs of pole into water of 4-5 m. ('Feeder' Phil Fitzsimons was true to his nickname and took 1.900 kg of small skimmers on the tip at 40 yards). As the match progressed it became obvious that the stamp of fish rather than the numbers would decide the honours at the weigh-in - and so it proved. Ferri and Alan Aphidean fed very, very heavily from the off and this seemed to pull in enough bonus fish of 5-7oz to inch them past Dave Hill in the final reckoning.

Peg Member's Name Weight (kg) Points*
1 Phil Fitzsimons 1.900 8
2 Alex Radu 3.820  3
3 Alan Aphidean 4.480 2
4 Ferri 4.620 1
5 Colm O'Gaora 2.300  4
6 Eoin Schweppe 2.260  5
7 Henry Norton 2.120  
8 Dave Hill 4.320  
9 Karl McEnteggart 0.010  
10 Martin Kantor 2.180  6
11 Sean Campbell 1.780 9
12 Richie Keegan 3.620  
13 John Aphidean 1.180  
14 Costi Lucescu 1.920 7


* Points apply to Spring League only.