White Island, Lough Muckno, Co Monaghan

This is an extensive match stretch on the western side of Lough Muckno. Access is from the entrance to Hope Castle in the middle of Castleblayney. A lot of work has gone into developing White Island as a premier match venue so please respect the efforts of Dick Caplice and the local council by driving and parking carefully and not leaving any litter on the bank.

The inside line is shallow and you will need a platform to ensure that you can comfortably reach the shelf with a standard 12/13 metre pole. Otherwise you can fish waggler or feeder into about 1.5 - 2 meters of water but don't chuck it out too far. Accurate feeding is important and you may be feeding 1kg per hour which is less easy at distance. Bream are present but you should expect to target the roach which run to about 12-14oz - average is around 3oz. Pole should win here because you would need 100-150 fish in a 5 hour match to frame and the pole allows you to fish at speed. If it's a struggle for bites then a switch to chopped worm and worm pieces on the hook can bag you some of the resident perch - a life-saver on a hard day.

Caster-laden groundbait is vital if you are to attract and hold the better stamp of roach and also snare a bonus skimmer or two. These can make a real difference to your weight so you'll need to change tactics if you're swinging in nothing but razor-blades for the first hour. Quality roach are there and you need to nail them to have a hope of winning.

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Portobello Angling Club 2009