Eonish, Lough Oughter, Co Cavan

This is a renowned match and festival match length on the north-western shores of Lough Oughter. From Killeshandra follow the signs towards Lough Oughter, then, passing Tullyguide Lake on the right (note the roadside plaque commemorating Mr Henry Norton's third place from Tullyguide in the 2002 All-Ireland), follow the signs for Eonish Lodge. Continue past the lodge for about 200 yards. Fishery begins beyond the gate which you should close after you enter and leave. Parking and access to pegs is easy.

Eonish is a venue that really repays a few minutes casting around your peg with a feeder rod and bomb. The depths vary considerably along the bank and out into the centre of the lake.  Invariably there is enough depth at 10 metres on all pegs to consider pole or waggler tactics, but most matches are won here with big weights of bream on the feeder at between 30 and 45 yards. Zebra mussels are increasingly prevalent and water clarity is increasing - dark groundbait is recommended.

If the bream don't show then roach and perch are the quarry with hybrids sometimes coming to the net in quantities. Like every venue on vast Lough Oughter, heavy feeding usually pays off and the bream often don't appear until 2 or 3 hours after the feed has gone in. Club matches have been won here with 5 - 10 kg of roach and bonus bream, but festivals usually throw up winning weights of 25 - 40 kg of bream at Eonish.


Portobello Angling Club 2009